Weaving worlds … word by word.

With her B.A. in journalism and her M.A. in corporate communication, DL Koontz spent years in four glamorous cities hiding her early fiction ideas, first on journalists’ notebooks where she detailed hard-news interviews, then on laptops as a consultant and college instructor.

She now lives with her husband in rural Georgia on a cattle ranch, where she divides her time between writing and endlessly “going to town” for supplies.

DL Koontz

From DL Koontz

Welcome to my beautiful, crazy corner of the world.

I’m Debra, and this is where I share writing highs and lows, quirky creative pursuits, and the occasional deep thought.

I’m a mom, step-mom, farmer’s wife, animal lover, and busy bee trying to write intriguing suspense novels one extraordinary day at a time.

I relish history and research, so my books blend historical intrigue and modern-day suspense with romance, and—sometimes—a touch of the mysterious. (Try finding that category in bookstores.)

I’m passionate about words, photography, health, yoga/exercise, my porch, barn preservation, and my faith.

Oh, and coffee. Lots of it.

~ ~ ~

Still want to know more? I’m honored….

I grew up on a dairy farm in the Appalachian backroads of Pennsylvania, and left to earn a bunch of college degrees, see the world, and discover myself professionally.

What I found is that I learned more on the farm than I ever did in a classroom or a Fortune 50 boardroom—about life, death, God, hard work, diplomacy, tolerance, common sense, compassion, generosity, and the rhythms of life.

Six homes and many years later, I’m a corporate escapee and back on the farm. (Proving that you can take the gal outta the farm but you can’t take the farm outta the gal.) But, it’s a different farm. Several years ago my husband and I said goodbye to the intensity and congestion of greater Washington D.C to move to the coastal plain of southeast Georgia where he grew up.

Instead of tall buildings and traffic, our backdrop is composed of nature—wind-brushed flatland, changing tides, longleaf pines, pecan trees, black-water swamps, and the occasional otter and alligator.

We share our farm with 80 beef cows, four chickens, three guineas, two dogs, and a cat. At random times a wolf, wild hog, or pack of coyotes try to horn in, but we’re not very receptive to their plans, and eventually they leave.

Our move meant I retired my fashionista title. My gorgeous suits and heels went to the Salvation Army and church missions. These days, I’m generally rocking a pair of jeans and snake-proof boots.

I am an “outgoing introvert” with a heart that beats for creativity and adventure. Said another way, I have a wanderlust to travel again, but find myself perfectly content to curl up on my awesome porch and think about it rather than doing it.

That’s fine with my soul because there was a too-lengthy time in my life when I was on a plane almost every week.

Other than my son and kayaking off the coast of Alaska, my proudest accomplishment is knowing how to milk a cow. How many people can do that these days?

I’m a seeker of beauty. And you know what? I find it every single day.

My writing on this blog—like my home and my life—is a bit eclectic.

But, that’s me, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

You can reach me at: dlkoontz_roberson@aol.com.


Novels blending historical intrigue, modern-day suspense, and romance.

The occasional deep thought or creative pursuit.

About Koontz’s Writing:


An award-winning writer, former journalist and corporate escapee, D. L. Koontz writes about what she knows: muddled lives, nail-biting unknowns and eternal hope. Growing up, she learned the power of stories and intrigue from saged storytellers on the front porch of her Appalachian farmhouse. Despite being waylaid for years by academia and corporate endeavors, her roots proved that becoming a writer of suspense was only a matter of time. She has been published in seven languages.


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