As I type this, I’m chuckling.

At myself.

This quote is what I murmur under my breath ALL SUMMER LONG here in southeast Georgia, where the summers are stifling hot, humid, bug-filled, and breezeless.

Just make it through the summer, and it will be Fall!

I try—truly I do!—to find the blessings tucked somewhere in these miserably hot Georgia summers, but still, they escape me.

When I lived in the North, Fall evoked memories of a distinct difference in temperature, cozy sweaters, hot chocolate by a fire, multi-colored leaves, and crispy cool Friday night football games.

Here in the South, we enjoy most of those aspects (although the colors are more limited, the sweaters wait until November, and the temperature tends to go from stinking hot to just plain ole’ hot).

But, that’s okay. I never appreciated winter’s snow and ice up North, so I think I’m breaking even on the South’s weather differences. And, that’s the upside!

What about you? Are you happy Fall is finally here? What’s your favorite season?

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