It's a dog's life

Hold it right there

“Writing is a dog’s life, but the only life worth living.”  -Gustave Flaubert.

I don’t understand this quote.

I think a dog’s life would be grand.

I love dogs, but don’t have one right now.  The last dog I had was named Tuppence.

As you probably know, it means a British two-pence coin.  I gave her that name because once I was done paying for her, her shots, her food, her bowl, etc, I had about two pennies left to my name.

She was a Lhasa Apso and probably the dumbest animal ever to walk the plant. Seriously.  She flunked Puppy Kindergarten.

Scout’s honor.

Still, she was smart enough to live the good life while I was the one who toiled at a job.

So, with the above quote and thoughts of Tuppence in mind, I’d like to share my top reasons that it would be nice to live a dog’s life:

  1. Dogs sleep most of the day.  As a child, I bulked at having to take naps.  Now the thought is pretty dang appealing most hours of the day.
  2. Dogs don’t have to worry about skinny jeans and getting into them.
  3. Dogs seem to get more attention and compassion as they get older.
  4. Dogs don’t hold grudges.  They daily master the art of “live, love, laugh.”
  5. Dogs are as excited by the prospect of a car ride as most children are to learn they’re going to Disney World.
  6. Dogs don’t have to ask forgiveness.  Really, besides eating out of another animal’s bowl, what do they ever do that is wrong?
  7. Dogs don’t have to don things in the winter just to go to the mailbox: coat, scarf, hat, gloves, wool socks, boots.
  8. Dogs don’t get mail.
  9. Dogs have someone to clean up after them.
  10. Dogs never have to set an alarm, punch a timeclock, create a to-do list, or make a schedule.

So, if living a dog’s life is so good, then perhaps living a writer’s life is good too.

I think I’ll stick with it.

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