Crossing Into the Mystic

Crossing Into the MysticCrossing Into the Mystic

The Crossings Trilogy, Book 1

by D. L. Koontz

Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas

To Be Released March 2014

Death, the paranormal and the foibles of the living collide together for teen orphan Grace MacKenna as she escapes from a volatile aunt in Boston to the dark, secluded mountains of West Virginia, wrestles with her anger at God over the horrific deaths of her parents and sister, and tackles love and loss.

In her new home, which sets on a dark mountainside isolated from the local town, Grace is pulled into the lives of ghosts and unwittingly finds herself helping them resolve their unfinished business so that they can cross into the hereafter.

When a local pastor suggests that ghosts may be angels and demons in disguise, Grace finds herself questioning her own beliefs about what she is encountering. Will she find out too late?  And how will it affect her decisions regarding the romantic triangle with which she is suddenly embroiled?

Grace clings to her life as she is pulled even deeper into an empty existence by the mysteries of her new home, by a dead, once-dashing soldier, and even by her own heart.