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The Crossings Series

Main Characters: Who’s Who


bigstock-Pretty-Girl-27261317_(2)[1]Grace MacKenna – Main character. 16 years old when Book #1, (Crossing into the Mystic) begins. Turns 17 at beginning of Book #2, (Edging through the Darkness). Escaped an overbearing aunt in Boston to move into a remote mountainous estate, Crossings, she inherited from her step-father Jack who, along with her mother and sister, were killed in a freak accident three years earlier. Due to her waffling faith and her heightened sensitivity to death, Grace develops subtle vision and learns to see and talk to the ghost of a Civil War hero (Will) in her home. She eventually solves his murder and discovers that a more demonic ghost by the name of Fergus may still dwell in the house. Grace suffers with weak faith and trust.


bigstock-African-American-Beauty-3893808_(2)[1]Adriana Barrone – Grace’s new friend in the local town of Williamsport. She is a music major and flutist in college, and four years older than Grace. In Book #2, will Adriana find Grace’s cousin Michael as interesting as he finds her?




Clay Baxter – Handsome guy from local town of Williamsport. Four years older than Grace, and a former soldier in Afghanistan who suffered a war injury when saving others from an IED. Sparks fly between Grace and Clay, but, thanks to Grace’s aunt, he is served with a restraining order to stay away from her, at the end of Book #1. He leaves the area to attend law school, but does he stay gone?



Seth Rendale – Another handsome guy from Williamsport! Grace’s age. He’s adopted, a local sports star, and a diamond in the rough. He’s also the character that probably grows the most in Book #1, from hothead to humble human. He suffers at the hands of a nasty ghost and launches his own campaign to win Grace’s heart. Unfortunately, she only has eyes for Clay, but will that change?



iStock_000016727295Small[1]William Kavanaugh – Ghost at Crossings. Convinces Grace to solve his murder from 150+ years ago! Of course, he’s suave, dashing, charming and oh-so-mysterious. Was married to an unfaithful Naomi, and Grace watches her re-enact her own death in rural Georgia. At the end of Book 1, Will tells Grace goodbye. But, should you ever trust a ghost?





Michael Rosenburg – Grace’s fun and jovial cousin from Boston. Eight years older than her. Son of Phil and Tish Rosenburg. He works as an engineer. Loves travel. Moves in with Grace at the end of Book #1. Is smitten with Adriana the moment they meet. Michael is warm and easy-going, but will he stay that way in Book #2?


Braxton Hood, Asa Garrett, Jubal McClain and Fergus Lowe – All four were friends of ghost William Kavanaugh during the 1860s. Grace promises Braxton’s ghost to resolve his murder, and discovers that the evil ghost of Fergus may still be dwelling in her home. Ut-oh! Could you live in Crossings under such conditions?



Cassie Baxter – Clay’s mother and owner of the café, the Time Out. Cassie is single and never quite got over the abandonment of her husband (and Clay’s father), Mason. Cassie also has a daughter Reaghan, married to Sydney and they have twin boys. Does Cassie find a new romance in Book 2 or might Mason cause problems with that?


Holland Greer – Local historian with whom Grace has some rather uncomfortable encounters. What secrets is he harboring? And, why is he so interested in Crossings?


Ms. Bealle – Local librarian, and nosey busybody. Just what is her connection to Greer?


Nidhi Michelson – Local bank manager. Hmmm, she’s mentioned here, so might she become more important in the series?


Henry and Greasy Jim – Two nasty, home invaders who break into Grace’s home demanding to be shown where the gold is hidden. Just where did this gold come from?


Pastor Dale – The religious advisor everyone wants! He’s wise, kind, easy going, fun and very knowledgeable about Biblical teaching. What does he truly think about Grace?


Kate Fletcher – High school chum to Grace, from back in Boston. Kate has been touring France. Minor reference to her in Book #1, but you’ll read much more about her in Book #2. Will Grace care that Kate finds Seth handsome and interesting?


Hilda Hilson – Owner of Hilson’s Antique Emporium. You’ll meet this feisty, regal lady in Book #2. What “odd” abilities might she share with Grace?


Lemule Chasen – Grace “sees” this ghost in Book #2, but doesn’t meet him until Book# 3, Escaping from the Abyss. What does this brooding ghost know that helps Grace resolve some age-old mysteries surrounding her estate and town?


Josiah Sawyer – Builder of original Crossings, rumored dabbler in evil and black arts, and evil ghost that just refuses to go away! You’ll hear about him long before you meet him in Book #3, but might it be too late by then, for Grace?


Chubbs – Grace’s persnickety cat. Dashes from the room when a ghost enters. Silly cat.


Tramp – Grace’s easy-going, happy-all-time- time, dog. Loves long walks. Since he seems to be afraid of everything, perhaps Grace shouldn’t rely on him for safety, eh


Novels blending historical intrigue, modern-day suspense, and romance.

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About Koontz’s Writing:


An award-winning writer, former journalist and corporate escapee, D. L. Koontz writes about what she knows: muddled lives, nail-biting unknowns and eternal hope. Growing up, she learned the power of stories and intrigue from saged storytellers on the front porch of her Appalachian farmhouse. Despite being waylaid for years by academia and corporate endeavors, her roots proved that becoming a writer of suspense was only a matter of time. She has been published in seven languages.


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