Valentine hearts saying love (2)When I was growing up, my mother used to tell me that the word “love” is overused and thus diluted in its impact.

What! How could that be? And, especially coming from a mother?

I mean, there’s never enough love going around, right?

With further prodding, I learned Mama was taught to use the word only for people and God.

Not things or situations.

I’ve thought of that often through the years—especially my own overuse of the term.

I’ve loved my work, my house, the sunset, a chocolate dessert, my pets, certain hobbies, even certain attention I’ve been paid.

I’ve certainly loved special gifts, shrimp from Skipper’s on the Georgia marshes, awesome shoes I’ve discovered in offbeat stores, the engagement ring Just My Joe presented to me, the TV series Downton Abby, and the time I scored a 24 in clay shooting.

Yes, I could spend a day listing things and situations I’ve loved.

But, Mom’s right. None of these can measure up to the feelings I have for the special people in my life.

And what could EVER begin to match the love that God feels for us?

So, this coming Valentine’s Day, I’m going to cherish and enjoy the things I do and places I go, but I’m going to voice “love” for only people and God. Just for that day.

Well, okay, I’m going to try it, anyway. I want my loved ones to know that they rate higher in my life than shoes and a television show. But, if I’m using the same descriptor for them all, perhaps, as Mom said, it does dilute the message.

What about you? Want to try it just for that day?

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!





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