Confession: I had never thought of ‘vivid memory capabilities’ as a blessing before! Have you?

It is so wonderful how a visual or a taste or, especially, a smell can bring instant recall of a poignant moment in our lives.

How could I have failed to add this to my blessings journal!?

No matter.

The tastes, the smells, the déjà vu-ness of some moments takes me back to cherished exchanges with my grandma Pearl, my mom, sweet childhood friends, my son as an infant, among others.

What. A. Blessing.

As for this photo—it delivers vivid memories of riding back country roads as a child—tasting freedom, discovering my abilities, dreaming of a future that (then) had no limitations.

And, see that white fluffy plumage in the left background? I prefer to imagine it as a white lilac bush. The smell of lilacs always reminds me of my mom. Her smile was never so big as when I would bring her a bouquet of them.

What sense evokes a vivid memory for you?

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